Website for North Phoenix Suzuki Strings and for Rhonda Hotop, dance musician

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Please note that this is the abridged North Phoenix Suzuki Strings Studio Policy. The full policy will be provided before signing and is available online to registered users of this site.

Calendar Structure of Each Year

Except for federal holidays, students are expected to come to all lessons.

There are three terms per teaching year:

  1. Fall term: starts after Labor Day and goes to the end of the calendar year. Lessons are held weekly.
  2. Spring term: starts in early January and ends when local public schools stop around Memorial Day. Lessons are held weekly.
  3. Summer term: early June until the Fall term begins. Summer lessons are highly encouraged, but are optional. There is no assumed regular schedule. When lessons are held is the discretion of the teacher and the students’ family (see below).

The studio schedule is based on the public school calendar but with fewer days. Federal holidays are observed, but not teacher workshop and other days specific to the schools. A schedule of dates will be given at the start of each term.

Teaching Hours and Days

Teaching hours are from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday. In some cases extra lessons are given on weekends for students preparing for auditions or special performances.

Telephone Calling Hours

Ms Hotop can be contacted between 9 am and 9 pm but it is extremely rare for her to answer the telephone while teaching. Text messaging is acceptable.

Registration Fee

There is a $25 per family one-time non-refundable registration fee to join North Phoenix Suzuki Strings.

Cost of Lessons

  • 30 minutes: $26.00
  • 45 Minutes: $39.00
  • 60 minutes: $52.00

Payment of Fees

Tuition payments are made monthly in advance. The very latest date payment will be accepted without incurring a late fee is on the 1st of the next month. If payment is received after the 1st, a late fee will be charged. Payment for summer lessons is still required in advance of the lessson.


Referrals are always welcome. If you refer someone to North Phoenix Suzuki Strings, and they join the studio and stay for at least one full term, you receive a free 30 minute lesson for each student who stayed. If your lesson is 20 minutes, you will receive a free 20 minute lesson.


Students are required to perform twice a year at recitals. These are usually held in Nov/Dec and late April/early May. If the studio is small in numbers of students, the recital may be held at Ms. Hotop's house.

Annual Charity Performance

Ms. Hotop arranges a charity performance close to Christmas for those students who are willing and able to play. This is strictly optional for students. Many students have found playing for those in need at the holidays to be extremely rewarding.

Student Performances Outside the Studio

Ms. Hotop really encourages students to perform outside the studio, e.g. at school, houses of worship, etc. Sometimes students need support in the form of violin or viola tuning or accompaniment. If you need Ms. Hotop to be there, there may be a fee for travel and some time, depending on the circumstances and location. Ideally, a parent or teacher at the school can tune the violin. Please let Ms. Hotop know about these performance opportunities outside the studio so she can help you prepare and have a positive experience.